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Get some people to do the voices and your set.

It's haunting.

It's just creepy enough that I went out of my way to watch it in October.

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I love this game. Plan on buying it soon.

Fuck haters.

It's not super original, but it improved where other games fucking lacked terribly. Good job.

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Very relaxing. The sample you used of the person talking added to it a lot. That slight wavy sound you have in there reminds me of a meditation tape/cd thing I had. This is very relaxing and peaceful, and it's perfect for something to put on a loop and just relax/meditate to.. PM if you wanna collaborate sometime :)

Canas responds:

Ah perfect! Exactly what I was going for, glad you enjoyed it! :)

It's very good, I wouldn't really call it IDM. It seems to be mostly ambient. It's really relaxing and reminds me of tripping on any hallucinogen and just giving into it and going with the flow. It seems like the chord progression (and chords for that matter) tend to stay the same throughout the entire song. It's not a bad thing, especially, like I said, this is basically an ambient song. I do not like nor dislike the drums. The drum pattern just seemed a little odd to me. Overall, very nice song. If I plan on tripping, this would be a good song to listen to haha. And I'm not saying rework this and add like 894543985843 different drum patterns in there. For an ambient song, the fewer the better.
Good job.

drillkill87 responds:

Thanks for the good review.I would describe this as IDM or Ambient Techno.The chords were quite complex for me to make and to include the second synth pad playing the melody was almost impossible for me.Thank you for the nice review.It's nice to see that people appreciate my work.Hope you enjoy your trip. :D

Not song material, obviously, but it sounds fucking cool. PM me and explain how you do that, it would be greatly appreciated.

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